They Say That Time Heals All

That day you said that time will heal all.
From the day itself, I have been trying to be the time.


  1. this is the ironical life...wat we assume is nt alws correct..but smtimes it find out time to visit my space too..

  2. Time is the ultimate remedy for anything.. So you being in the role of time, you are the remedy...So no question of healing or getting healed.. you are healed already.. accept visit to find me trembling..(OSI)

  3. Meaningful picture. it communicates a lot.

  4. Sometimes, Time heal while sometimes it kills :(

  5. Those things are so true.
    Both of them.
    Time heals us.
    And you're helping heal many of us, as well.

    Take care and be well.
    - michael

  6. Try 2 heal all; and I assure you, YOU SHALL BE HEALED.
    feel like sayin this:
    "If i can stop one heart frm breaking, I shall not live in vain.
    If I can ease one heart the aching;
    or cool one pain;
    or help one faintin robin;
    build his nest again...
    I shall not live in vain..."
    GOD BLESS U. :)

  7. Which makes you a healer?:)

    But it's true. With time one ends up laughing at his/her past mistakes and heartaches...

    Except at times the time it takes for a 'healing' can seem like an eternity :P

  8. Wonderful. Most of us don't want to be the healers, just the healed.

  9. that's just beautiful!!

    I was just skimming your blog with no intensions to left a comment, but that just made me smile. what love do with us is just impossible :)

  10. beautiful thought...beautiful pic!


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