The Battle With Self

It is easy to fight the world and difficult to fight with self.
I have seen people winning worldly battles and losing to self.

And you only lose when you give up....


  1. Contradicting.. but true.. :)

    thts probably why we call Life an Irony naa..!! :)

  2. dats coz....its 2 difficult 2 fight our own weakness...d day we hve courage 2 accept dem n fight against....der wud nver b LOSING TO up...NEVER!

  3. There are times in life when winning or losing is not in our control.

  4. truly's difficult to correct our own weaknesses...

  5. Fighting with your inner self is way more difficult...obviously because in any case it's your loss, whether it's your mind or it's your heart that lost.

  6. when you have to fight wid self ironically enough you derive strength from somewhere deep inside urself...i.e. only self fights self....

  7. True I guess.. fighting with self would mean not giving up fighting whatever tough situations that turn up.. Good lines..

  8. hmm true, I have to admit.
    but in many cases when we lost the battle with ourselves we can't win any other.

    although lost battle doesn't mean lost war :)

  9. Whether we lose, or we win
    Let us always grow...
    Then each battle we wage with 'ourselves'
    will make this soul glow...

    remember.. 'Aham Brahm asmi'...

  10. You stated a widely accepted truth but i gladly say that i have won both the battles, inner and outer as well.

  11. Lose, not Loose. Truth.


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