The Surmounted Obstacles

All the pressure over the years made a rock the diamond,
All the mud surrounding a bud helped it to grow as the lotus.
I now understand what all we need to go through to get to the things,
The things which we love to see in our life.


  1. if u wanna see the rainbow,u gotta put up with the rain.We Love Rainbows and everyone's "rainbow" is worth d rain! hoping to "see the things which we love to see i our life"

  2. so very well put and inspirationally up-lifting!

  3. "each day its experiences;
    each night its dreams"
    -unbending river

  4. "The ultimate reason for setting goals is to entice you to become the person it takes to achieve them."-- Jim Rohn

    hardships....pleasure...pain....experiencing evrythin...2 achieve 2 get wat we love.....n once we accomplish it....happiness cannot b expressed :)

  5. That was really deep!! takes time to get registered in the mind!

  6. All th heat of the sun over the glacier.
    To melt it.
    To mould it.
    To empower it make its course through the mountains.
    Some content left the current in its course.
    For some to merge with it forever...

  7. through hurricanes ,worst distance ,Heart aches to hear your heart beat ,same as their own,as hurdles ,rain storms ,separation,has allowed time to flow ,to release all limiting storms .To be able ,to hear both hearts beat ,together .


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