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The Victim Of Love

The story starts:
She was an innocent prisoner, a victim of circumstances, a victim of this cruel, canny world and was serving her sentence in a prison awaiting execution. He was in the same prison, about to be freed and he met her one day. He saw her innocence, he deeply thought of what she termed as a crime. 'No', he said, 'you ought to be free'. He decided to set her free. He fought for her and the doors of the prison were opened for her but she refused to be freed... She denied to come out. But the man was determined to set her free, he did not give up, he had to take her out, he broke all the walls of the prison, he was fatally wounded by the time the last wall was broken. She was sitting at the same place unmoved and she screamed at him, "Whyyyyyyyy? Why stranger.......... why you? Why..... when because of whom I am here, he never cared to bring down the walls.... why you?"

For the last time his dying eyes met hers and he said ..................

To th…

The Stranger Besides Me

That one day when I came face to face with the stranger closest to heart,
my world fell apart.
Since then I have been running away from myself.
Since then I have been crying in the dark corners of my house.
Since then I have been trying to find solace in the the outer world..
The outer world.. is that what I just said??

Whatever Happens...

I want to say so much yet I want to keep it short
So here it goes....
The End:
I remember that you told me that you chose your heaven
and told me to choose mine.

The Promise:
I know that you could be hurt
but I'll be the first
to take the hurt and won't let it reach you.....
The day when you'll be in pain
I'll hold your hand
and share that pain with you.....
And I know that one day you can hurt me,
give me intense pain
but I'll take it all as long as you promise to stay.....
Because if such a day will come
when I'll have a million reasons
to leave you and go away,
I PROMISE I'll find that one reason to stay.....

The Beginning:
This earth is my abode, my heaven and here I will reside.

The Successful Exchange

A person once came to me moaning and complaining about the grief is his heart,
I went for a simple exchange, took his heart and gave him mine.
He walked away with a smile...
After a few days he came looking more distressed and asked back for his heart
And said that he'll fix it up and make it work, he didn't want my broken heart.
I took my heart, gave him his... and this time I smiled.

The Sound Of Silence

How could I just walk by her side and not know how to hold her hand.
How could I feel her breath close to mine and not know how to kiss her.
How could I sit beside her, look in her eyes and not know how to be close to her.
How could I talk to her for hours and hours and not know how to speak those three words.
How I can love someone with all my soul and still not know how to love her.

Friends Are FRIENDS

My world would not have been what it is today without you in it,
You my friends are the people who add charm to it..
I was hiding my problems, all in my palm
You held my hand, hugged me tight and made me calm..
You showered me with love and trust,
You wiped off my tears and made me smile...

We are friends and friends forever
And our hearts in big and small ways has love that keeps us together.

Friendship in my words:

Friends Are Friends