Whatever Happens...

I want to say so much yet I want to keep it short
So here it goes....
The End:
I remember that you told me that you chose your heaven
and told me to choose mine.

The Promise:
I know that you could be hurt
but I'll be the first
to take the hurt and won't let it reach you.....
The day when you'll be in pain
I'll hold your hand
and share that pain with you.....
And I know that one day you can hurt me,
give me intense pain
but I'll take it all as long as you promise to stay.....
Because if such a day will come
when I'll have a million reasons
to leave you and go away,
I PROMISE I'll find that one reason to stay.....

The Beginning:
This earth is my abode, my heaven and here I will reside.


  1. Written in reverse!interesting! i liked esp this 'when I'll have a million reasons
    to leave you and go away,
    I PROMISE I'll find that one reason to stay.....'
    Hey Rajat,there is a small typo i guess..shouldn't it be abode?
    Never the less ..very elegant and beautiful it is!

  2. The theme is just painfully real and heartfelt!
    awed byt the first half of "the promise"! this is exactly d way i'd have said wat u wrote! :)

  3. written brilliatntly as alws...

  4. beautiful rajat
    i think the hardest things are ourselves-whether we know or have learned yet to truly be so aware..i can only hope and from what i read you are a lot closer than i.a map has been made and it looks good..yet isnt it still just a guide for tomorrow made yesterday?
    i think that it would work the majority of the time, so its smart to have rather than not...
    but for me i would keep open room for amendmnts
    just in case a new blossom grew from the one.
    In any case this post of yours has touched my heart more than any past, and i do feel the intensity of your love and dedication to being.
    You are more than wise ,you are loving...and
    you have given me reason to have hope for the future

  5. @M- so there is something beyond these few words.. your words.. say them.
    @Rohini- Thanks.
    @Rob- Yes Rob, we are the hardest thing.. and no this map is not a guide but a learning for tomorrow and everyday, and then there are yet many things to learn and discover, so amendments is a right word. And when you tak about hope.. yes I feel connected, that is why for me every End is a Beginning, inbetween are my learnings and as long as I live I'll hope. Thanks a lot Rob.

  6. Read it again n yes it is not written in reverse( I think I assumed something!).Still it is interesting and beautiful :)

  7. no words...i just can read it again and again...beautiful...

  8. What a wonderful promise...the writer surely is very confident about himself and values the person a lot. It has made me wonder if I had a million reasons to leave someone...would I find that one reason to stay?

  9. first loving but also so immensely... magnificently generous a promise its hard to take in all at once. If only i had the skill
    to say something this titanic in scope this clear and this meaningful, with
    just a few sentences...i am startled, bewildered and in awe of you.
    as to the promise itself, much pain has ached
    my heart, but if i was your girl reading this
    i would promise to stay and would feel so secured and happy about you i would feel im
    the most fortunate girl on earth.
    I will study this and learn because it just an
    enormous thing to behold - let it reflect
    and reverberatein my heart and try to grasp part by part its beauty and honesty

  10. khushi the way i see that is how sometimes our minds can get into a negative spiral and i think we could even come close to giving it all up but if there is learning beforehand, it may prevent a a breaking acting as a barrier to the depth of the spiral and keep a flicker of light to hold on to as the darknes passes

  11. The end,
    The promise...
    And the beginning...

    God bless.

  12. very well written!

    what I found interesting was that the end preceded the beginning...and yet the beginning does kind of seem like the end....

    Great work! :)

  13. I absolutely love the Promise part...

  14. The end is inevitable, The promise is beautiful and the Beginning is just what it should be.
    Its a perfect piece :)

  15. Very touching Rajat, reaching the core underneath the layers.

  16. Wow rajat! you have a beautiful blog! Did you actually write this stuff or are they others quotes? It is really deep! Thanks for visiting my blog- I am definitely going to follow u!

  17. ohh Shweta.. was it a compliment?

  18. oh gosh i love love. it draws so much emotion out of people and we all love reading about love.

    i totally agree! if you fall in love with places your heart will never get broken. absolutaly BRILLIANT!!!!! im writing that down and actaully may post it in my blog sometime!
    major credit! thanks for the comment!

  19. Lol it was :) Sorry but I read your credits after I posted the comment.

  20. Very beautiful Rajat.. liked it..

  21. there are no endings, without beginnings and no beginnings without endings...

    it's all the stuff in between that I find so intriguing... :)

  22. Stay ,is what I want ,Foolishness kept me running ,leaving pain ,when only place to be was by your side .


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