Friends Are FRIENDS

My world would not have been what it is today without you in it,
You my friends are the people who add charm to it..
I was hiding my problems, all in my palm
You held my hand, hugged me tight and made me calm..
You showered me with love and trust,
You wiped off my tears and made me smile...

We are friends and friends forever
And our hearts in big and small ways has love that keeps us together.

Friendship in my words:

Friends Are Friends


  1. I think friends are my favorite relationship in the whole world. Really.. I do.

  2. My best relationship right now is with the cosmos, when a man can't make his masculine function .... the send me a new one. I love cosmos.
    It's hard to find someone to tell everything... more when people feed secrets that you can't tell to no one.
    This world is still full of egoist people.

    Friends+coffee are a cool combination :)

  3. I agree.. there is no definition for friendship... Friends are friends :) :)

  4. And when they are silent our heart ceases not, to listen to their hearts
    For we come to them with our emptiness,and we seek them for peace.
    For that which you love most in them may be clearer in their absence.

    Let us seek them always with hours to live.

    And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of joys.

    For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

  5. Friends are Friends....So true...No Words can define the meanings ...

  6. woww .. wonderfull .. lovelyyy ... makes you smile :)

  7. The language of friends is not words, but meanings.

  8. Anonymous

    Have you ever read " How to get her to send you the Flowers" I dont know if its available in india or anywhere else for that matter, but i bet it would be a good read

  9. the friendliest smile is that of a friend.

  10. "i need not define friendship for my friend understands my silence"

  11. Oh no ! but I red the one called

    "I sent him a flower because there was nothing more available on the web"


    "If you play, I play"

    oh .... and

    "You have your truth and the right to share it. Now you better look what you are saying .."

    nice post by the way :)

  12. not bad. He must have read the book.

    your last one is a classic.

    Nothing can replace hanging out together,
    but for some reason I think the web in some
    cases might be a way to meet. You know like
    letters were sometimes ways two distant people
    could become at least a little bit familiar.
    it didnt work half time but how much nicer when it did. Also if it was one of those arranged things and the people around you were human,youd have time to come up with somthing creative to get out of it if you got the creeps from what was said. Theres always the problem f honesty but its even easier online tobe dishonest or fib SO online perhaps its even more of a virtue.

    have i given you the creeps? :(

    i think your post was much better
    beause it contained good advice

  13. what I do know is that Im not replying to certain people :)

    and I dont know who you are at all. No offense.

    Friends never have bad intentions towards you I can assure you that.

  14. i agree that commenting to people when you dont know them, escially if you think you might recognize them is unwise.

    this is shelly,i thought you was daphey from the main blog. i usually wouldnt comment to someone i didnt know eithr because it may someone on my bad list

  15. Sweet post. Once you try and define friendship, you create boundaries for it...

  16. :) yes, you never know

  17. that was daphney not daphey

  18. "I was hiding my problems, all in my palm
    You held my hand, hugged me tight and made me calm"

    True friends see past the exterior, know the enterior of ones existance and always, always know how to soothe.

    friends are friends (indeed) forever.

  19. I meant to take coffee with friends, is very girly :D

  20. The best words about the one..FRIEND.

    Indeed, the thoughts automatically get sychronized when we think about friends...though there are numerous stories with fights,plays,kicks,pics,toys,joys,laughs and cries..but In tHe EnD..what everyone likes is .........FrIeNdS
    Yes its true...Friends are Friends..

  21. Just wandered over from Kay's - that was lovely!

  22. Friends are the breadth of one's life....
    and so they are mine...


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