The Sound Of Silence

How could I just walk by her side and not know how to hold her hand.
How could I feel her breath close to mine and not know how to kiss her.
How could I sit beside her, look in her eyes and not know how to be close to her.
How could I talk to her for hours and hours and not know how to speak those three words.
How I can love someone with all my soul and still not know how to love her.


  1. in real life
    we wonder as you point out in your
    lovely post
    its not just on the web
    I believe there are certain feelings
    that can be received and given to help
    guide us
    Then again, sometimes we dont care
    whether they are there or not
    Take the plunge or wonder forever
    i suppose its a choice to make
    I say be bold and courageous,
    the clock doesnt stop, neither should you

  2. Well,it so happens that we can't name a feeling until we are sure of it or maybe we are afraid of accepting it.And by the time we realize,it's often too late! I think the protagonist in this post is going through the same.

  3. WOW...!!! its written fantastically...i loved the expressions....

  4. How could I visit your post and not know how to feel nice and good after reading your thoughts...

  5. its heartfelt, i admire d way 'love' is talked n felt lk dis even at dis time of malice! sometimes its diff to express how it felt after u read something! :)

  6. Before anyone loves you is very important to love yourself with your flaws, at least accept them, because you could be terrified they to see them and feeling vulnerable at the same time as we do when we are in love.

  7. There is one thing we women like to here to everything we say and is "YES" even if obviously they are laughing (at us) at the same time, just say "YES", even if you say yes and then you do what you like, say "YES"

    I wouldnt like to be a "NO" man hahaha

  8. Its like you heart starts beating faster or rather you want to attack or to be apart of that.

    After all women have some instructions.

  9. excellent...line expresses so easily the feeling of love....

  10. Truely awsum pic.
    All I am reminded of seeing this is this song again....
    "You were all by yourself staring up at the dark grey sky...
    I was changed.
    I wanted 2 hold you.
    I wanted to make it going.
    I wanted to know You.
    I wanted to make your everything alright....
    I'll always remember...."

  11. YES
    i accept my many flaws .
    i scared
    i say i love you
    shes silent

    where to get instruction manual

  12. love cannot be controlled

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  14. a good position ...too hard to argue wth u

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  16. You "did not know how" because I never expected that kind of love. I never knew it existed, so I had no words to instruct.

  17. Very well written. Impressive.. Keep penning..

  18. very touching... reading ur posts touches some part of my mind and heart!!! keep righting

  19. The thing is that you are afraid of love.

  20. im afraid of the thing, love.
    But Love is a friend. the thing MONSTA!

  21. sumtimes silence speaks it all...just hve 2 hear it :)

  22. O Boy! Thats intense. But thats Love. :)

  23. Find the way. Before it's too late. Because life is never long enough and once it's gone wishes aren't enough.

  24. Very finely tuned expressions.......

  25. all those flaws ,differences,Little moments shared ,staring up into darken sky as a shooting star ,holding hands ,watching ,making a wish ,with our smiles ,we see in our eyes ,the love that becomes that shooting star ,that becomes accepting all we offer each other as that completes us .


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