The Successful Exchange

A person once came to me moaning and complaining about the grief is his heart,
I went for a simple exchange, took his heart and gave him mine.
He walked away with a smile...
After a few days he came looking more distressed and asked back for his heart
And said that he'll fix it up and make it work, he didn't want my broken heart.
I took my heart, gave him his... and this time I smiled.


  1. i will take yours(from him) and give him mine
    great story and rings true

    caveat emptor

  2. Isn't it a wonder...
    That I can see, a CHANGE in me...
    But I won't go back.
    Coz thats behind me.
    And after all,
    Strong words are spoken.
    My heart will never be,
    Never be, never be broken....

    The exchange might fail or be successful as u say...
    The purpose shall LIVE forever...

  3. Nice, interesting post. I found it rather humourous. They say that grass on the other side always seems green, and sometimes in our region we say that food in others plate always looks tasty.

    Nice post.

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  5. great story......vry touching too....

  6. Beautiful little story.

    You've made me smile as well. :)

  7. The picture is strong and all-words in itself ...

  8. That's a great,short but sweet story Rajat! The (un)successful exchange of hearts conveys a message that many of us need to understand! Very well done.I sometimes wonder, how you mange to convey so much using such few words:)

  9. I like the way you draw the picture with the lines..."He walked away with a smile..." and then "...this time I smiled."

  10. I think by being one, one can still capture the heart of another and be moved. The element lies in the balance of the soul, and the appreciation one has for all living things. :) Your poem speaks volumes, truth and human value.


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