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Always and Forever

It seems to me that all that is there in life is sometimes decimated in a nano-second, and we are paralytic, we no longer feel life. We have entered to an unchartered territory because everything we trusted, believed, loved is taken away from us. Where are we really? We are in a midst of the past and the future but for long we keep on standing here, where we should not. We don’t let the past pass. At this point we hold on to it, everything alive holds to it, the winds hold to it, the fire holds to it… Something is now inside us, has entered our heart and is no longer even there, it’s running in our veins; it’s a part of our bloodstream. We have changed, something has transformed within us and we are clueless. Life will keep on moving and so will we be unwillingly or willingly, reluctantly or tolerantly. What can we do about it?

Beyond Few Words

Oh my beautiful souls, my child, You gave me the world where I could smile. Your naughty and innocent ways, God held me with your embrace. With you I started to forget worldly pains, And I received more than I could ever give.
Today when I depart I wish for you Just a wish for you... my sweet child Be good, do noble things And may all your dreams come true.
I'll Miss You.

**The first pic on Soliloquies through my lens.

I feel your pain

I was so busy in living with my suffering,
That I forgot to endure the pain of my very own people...

the tides of time


Your hero today won't be a hero tomorrow, The most loved one will be left all alone, What can you offer, what can you ascertain, The winds will change their direction  But will you remain the same to me...