Beyond Few Words

Oh my beautiful souls, my child,
You gave me the world where I could smile.
Your naughty and innocent ways,
God held me with your embrace.
With you I started to forget worldly pains,
And I received more than I could ever give.

Today when I depart I wish for you
Just a wish for you... my sweet child
Be good, do noble things
And may all your dreams come true.

I'll Miss You.

**The first pic on Soliloquies through my lens.


  1. lovely words...nicely crafted lines!

  2. thanks Kalyan, this one is the closest to my heart.

  3. superbly written..
    Brilliant expressions.. Loved it !!!

  4. Cute, simple, plain and deep felt words :) :) Hope you are fine :)

  5. I truely appreciate!!

  6. i could very well conect with the poetry you write....your comment on my blog "deep frm my heart " inspired me to write few words wch have been dedicated to you ,heres the post link


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