Always and Forever

It seems to me that all that is there in life is sometimes decimated in a nano-second, and we are paralytic, we no longer feel life. We have entered to an unchartered territory because everything we trusted, believed, loved is taken away from us. Where are we really? We are in a midst of the past and the future but for long we keep on standing here, where we should not. We don’t let the past pass. At this point we hold on to it, everything alive holds to it, the winds hold to it, the fire holds to it… Something is now inside us, has entered our heart and is no longer even there, it’s running in our veins; it’s a part of our bloodstream. We have changed, something has transformed within us and we are clueless. Life will keep on moving and so will we be unwillingly or willingly, reluctantly or tolerantly. What can we do about it?


  1. Beautifully said. And so true. Only thing we could do it to, like you said, "let the past pass". Which is easier said than done.

    Or just accept it as a part of you and learn to LIVE with it. That's what I did.

  2. Its just a ever-going process..
    n its universal too... we humans r complicated creatures.

  3. I seriously don't know why we have to go on and on, endlessly, put up with all the pain, the suffering and also dry those tears falling down on your cheeks. Why is this world so cruel? Why do we get only questions and no answers? I wonder, I just wonder why on earth....... I have no more words.

  4. @Priyanka- I couldn't agree more..
    @Jyoti-only those of us who really live complicate, rest keep on living
    @.....-it's not that we don't have answers, we have them but we are not willing to accept.

  5. fear of future, of uncertainty, of what lies ahead, lack of self belief holds us and as you rightly said, willingly or usually unwillingly we keep walking but not the Johnie Walker style :) !! Drive inspiration from the past, our own and of other near and dear ones can perhaps instill some confidence, the requited thrust.....not sure...

  6. @Nitin- I liked the way you said 'the Johnie Walker' style. Rightly said, inspiration should come from within for conquering our fears.

  7. Just live in the moment... There is no harm in being lost ... as the experience had the life's greatest epiphany comes to you at the moments this vulnerable... and 10 days.. months or years down the line .... there will come a time you will look behind and actually miss the bliss time like this offered ...
    Yeah don't raid your pupils on the word "bliss" ... but it actually is ... because moments like this clears the fog of questions ... :)


  8. yes i enjoyed reading and thinking about the question. I suppose for me time goes by and then I will be eventually gone and so far i consider myself lucky. i have no ideawhat the future will bring except that one day it will end i think :)

  9. Is there not a difference between a bitch who lets go all that happens and a human who have memory and analytical skills? There is also something called as courage also. Courage is not to turn a bitch or a witch but the courage to live a true human. There are a lot of bitches and ditches around. Doesn’t mean you be one. Irrelevant to the post but I cant stop myself from venting out, hope you don’t mind. No offense intended. If one is living like are a bitch/ ditch/ witch, they should not show as example of how to drink your own tears or prey on others. There are all kinds of people surviving. Your sibling is a coward and survives doesn’t mean you be a coward to survive. Survival is a lot different from living. It’s a choice to live human. I plead everyone to stop preaching stupidity and let humanity sustain. Lets not complicate each others lives. We are to tolerate bitches and witches of the society. But its not that we encourage bitches and witches.

  10. You quoted courage and true human, and that requires real guts. Courage to know that there are bad people around but you win them with your goodness. True human by being pious in all weathers whether good or bad. Let humanity sustain... Amen.


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