I feel your pain

I was so busy in living with my suffering,
That I forgot to endure the pain of my very own people...


  1. u can think beyond yourself for other people n society dats an achievemnt in itself! because not many people can do it (like me :( )

  2. it is not just about me, and trust me I'm doing nothing, there is a lot that is been done by the good people. There are a lot of unsung heroes and they are those who don't see or show their own sufferings.

  3. u depicted the plight many of us suffering.

    Engaged n engrossed in ourselves !!!

  4. ..so do you feel bad..or guilty..or you suffer more now...think about it..

  5. @joie- I feel bad, not guilty but bad.

  6. It's not that you forget that someone somewhere is suffering..its just your so messed up with yourself that you don't look outside your shell...

    If, the realization dawns and you awaken then you do not feel guilty..but if even after that you ignore it..guilt does prick u doesn't it??

    Nice meaningful lines though :)


    P.S: I would love to see you at my blog..do drop by if you get time!

  7. Thats exactly what happens when life unfolds and you depicted it to beautifully.


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