the tides of time

Your hero today won't be a hero tomorrow,
The most loved one will be left all alone,
What can you offer, what can you ascertain,
The winds will change their direction 
But will you remain the same to me...


  1. Indeed, change is the only constant, as cliched as that sounds. And no one can say who will remain true and who will walk/slip away.

  2. everything in this life is experience that makes us what we are..d distances may grow but does dat mean d bonds are broken? they will alwayz stay sometimes they need not be mentioned!
    i can write lots of crap but yes the point is look back, smile and walk on!
    n yes what do u think we are doing by talking about the things that are going wrong..please tell something substantial that we can do and not just say!

  3. @Mehak- spot on.
    @megharana- I don't get you. I wrote it for my hero's(KB and AK).

  4. K i think i misinterprated d thing..
    Bt d odr point is valid u talk bout corruption n such issues plz suggest some substantial things dat we can do to contribute to d cause bsides talking

  5. @megharana- for that you have to devote yourself to a cause.. educate that is the easiest way, I'm on the way.

  6. i feel lost!! i dont know which should be my way!! i see the wrong things happening but i dont do a thing about it! n den i become oblivious...what cause am i meant for!!!!!!! or m t just an irresponsible useless person!

  7. @megharana- it is not just you but a billions out there with the same feeling.
    If there is an urge, nothing is impossible. However, that urge has to be nurtured in a sustainable manner. The restlessness has to be there but one has to be accompanied by patience.

  8. Why does it have to be painful when it seems to be pretty ?
    Why life has to take such a turn?
    From where neither can I forget you nor you can be mine....
    But at the end no matter the winds change their course,
    You'll forever remain the same for me!

    Nice lines...liked it a lot :)
    In fact they made me pen down some lines....


  9. @Fatima- you reached out yourself through your poetry. Wonderful feeling I must say.


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