The Adventurer Of The Seas

For me it is important to trust myself with whatever I do,
Let the world have it's own damn view...
Coz if a day will come when I'll have to live by your convictions
My dreams will come crashing down and my soul will die.


  1. people can think what they want, that is fine :)

    express yourself

  2. So true, its not others whose rules we abide by, it is ours.

  3. And most important is if we don't give to the world (for free) we can't expect to receive nothing back (for free)

  4. Yes, do believe firmly in yourself. Your own conviction can take you far.

    Do listen to others advice, suggestions and criticism. Use it to your advantage but let it not effect your own convictions.

    Good write up.

  5. nice say... our life is our......our ambitions, our identity,our dreams, our convictions...noone else but we own our convictions should never be governed by peoples opinions..

  6. I like when I think this way.. because the other way is just too heavy for these wings.


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