And I Walk Again

As a kid I was not afraid of making mistakes, 
falling in dirt and getting up again.

Even today I fall, who doesn't but I get up on my own
Because sometimes no one comes to rescue, sometimes they come late
But above all life is a journey and I like to keep moving.


  1. A while back I did not want to be hurt anymore. I lived in fear, fear of the known, fear of trusting again and fear of being rejected.
    I was able to control myself as long as I was not alone. I drank only when I knew that if I stumble I can reach out and my friends will support me.
    I got disillusioned, if I got hurt sometimes I am reluctant to get back on my feet as I expect to fall again, so sitting quiet and still.......that feels safe to me
    I just didn't have the strength in myself then
    I wanted to be able to walk on my own without stumbling
    I even wanted to RUN!!!!

    I feel like a small child, who had another child over, that child broke something precious, yet blamed me for it and because I was trying to fix it, when everyone looked at me, there I was with the broken pieces around me. I must have looked the guilty one because everyone believed it was me that broke it.
    One day I want the other child to say
    "I'm sorry, It was me!!!"
    That is what will give me back my self worth, my independence, my strength, my balance and give me the ability to Run!!!!
    And when I can one day Run, I know a lot of people will cheering me on.

  2. very nicely written ... and soooo true..... totally love the flow of thoughts!!!!

  3. fantastic..really nice...this is real life...

  4. To comment n.1, you should forget about that, if you know the truth, and it is really like that, why do you care about the people?

    A liar sooner or later is caught, so ..... why so scared? (more sooner than later)

    We fall over and over again on the same mistakes, if that is as you say ... will do it again .. maybe is a test to prove your patience and level of adherence to matters that do not matter!

    I think that short circuit is between you and your perception of the world. Besides, who cares so much about a base?

    RELAX :)

  5. When I was little I'd refuse to demonstrate weakness and so when I'd fall and hurt myself I'd get up with a straight face and never admit that something hurt. I'd fight back the tears no matter what and walk away proudly, above everything else making sure that no one realized that I was vulnerable in any way. And that quality to never show weakness has stayed with me throughout the years. Although there are always times when we all just want someone to help us get up, and who'd take care of us, although if necessary, we could do it all on our own.

  6. 'life is a journey'

    So true.
    It doesn't matter if we fall; what matters is the strength, the choice, to keep moving forward.

  7. Walk on.... Your journey shall be beautiful...
    For you accept the hurdles and you're ready to fight them...

  8. yes life is a journey...sumtimes smooth...sumtimes hurdles in dis path...its d ability 2 get up n move ahead aftr d fall...dat matters....n reflects d way we walk on d path...journey called life :)

  9. when i fall, i get up. and keep walking . but i never forget the pit that made me fall. sometimes i need people to get me out. my near and dear ones. they are my pillar of strength. when im down and remind myself of their love and support and thats enough to keep me going. if i find no one, i feel the universal force with me. it helps!

  10. Life moves on,no mater what....and so should we..
    nicely put!

  11. thank you for this post..makes me believe in myself and not be scared of taking decisions even if they are not right but not necessarily wrong..

  12. i liked reading these lines ...
    a few lines but describe a very big reality of life....yes we have to move on always ...even if we don't find anybody ....

  13. I can relate to it very well,in fact a few days back I was thinking about the same-it's better that we learn to get up again after a fall, as soon as possible because not every time,somebody or the other will be around to rescue us.

  14. I was always afraid of making mistakes because I would get a beating..I became very creative at keeping out of trouble.

  15. yes life is a journey...sumtimes smooth...sumtimes hurdles in dis path...its d ability 2 get up n move ahead aftr d fall...dat matters....n reflects d way we walk on d path...journey called life :)


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