When Love Bleeds

When love left me bleeding, I found the strength to fight, I chose to live.
Because I don't want to whine and weep..
I'm sorry I robbed you of the pleasure of seeing me in pain.


  1. I chose to LIVE, not because I did not want to whine and weep. But because I was too full of Life... And nothing on earth could deny me of it, My share of Life and happiness...

  2. No one should forget that 2 can't make a deal if 1 of them doesn't agree.
    You chose the wrong woman :)

  3. so much of hatred !!!

  4. @Anon- why my not whining and weeping sounds hatred.. and if it does is hatred wrong?
    You whine and weep and give the spineless man the pleasure of seeing you in pain. Is that right?

  5. Mast hai :) and very true :)


  6. Not bcoz don't want to whine and weep but to live for people who want to c me happy...

  7. You did the best thing

  8. no matter how brief or long a relationship Life needs our attention sometimes, perhaps even more than love.
    Consider this an opportunity to build your life and love as well :)

  9. the last line as for me it shows u r urself at wrong! if somebody disappointed u and u claim that u loved dem u would never say such a line!!
    sometimes its just about relinquishing and letting go and at the same time maintaining all the positivity..dat shows the strength of ur own character and intensity of ur own love!!

  10. I just thought I was protecting you from it.


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