A Reason To Love

Of all the reasons I can think of and that the world puts forward.
I don't have a single reason of not loving you.
My reason of loving you is because it is You.
And that's why I say
I Love You and I'll Love You FOREVER.


  1. I don't know but I believe...
    That some things are meant to be...
    And that You make a better me...
    Everyday I...

    Your words reminded me of the song.

  2. The phrase "I love you" is overused for persons to avoid the feeling of guilt, they lie to themselfs constantly.
    I've been seeing this for years.
    Trying to sell a promise about a future that is not even here. Hopes don't allow you to enjoy your present, you live in the future. Have you seen the future around? future? future?




  3. i love you here and now in the present. Its not infatuation or limerence (sp) I dont know what the future will bring. but i think youre in love with someone else anyway :))

  4. You know? when you are fantasizing with someone who is not real, you don't have choice but move on.

    This world is enough hard itself without loves in the middle. Let's just leave it like that.


  5. of course...wat else can it b??....its d person himself :)

  6. Lovely! It's true that there are no reasons to love anyone and if you can find reasons, then it isn't love!

  7. yes love does not know reasons its just simple plain love :)........
    love dats forever ...........

  8. Collect your blog awards from here :)

  9. Love is beautiful....and so is everything surrounding it :) very Nice

  10. As the words of an old song go....."I love you most of all, because you're you..."

  11. The simple reasons can be the most powerful.

  12. yep...reason of true love is always that "YOU"

  13. Loving you now ,with each amazing second .
    Living and Sharing a love that takes ,place now .


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