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The Adventurer Of The Seas

For me it is important to trust myself with whatever I do,
Let the world have it's own damn view...
Coz if a day will come when I'll have to live by your convictions
My dreams will come crashing down and my soul will die.

And I Walk Again

As a kid I was not afraid of making mistakes, 
falling in dirt and getting up again.

Even today I fall, who doesn't but I get up on my own
Because sometimes no one comes to rescue, sometimes they come late
But above all life is a journey and I like to keep moving.

If You Ever Loved Me

After abandoning me,
At any point of time if you feel
That you should have not left me..
Do come back to me,
Hold my hand,
Hug me hard.
And I promise
I'll hug you back..
Just don't leave me again, ever.

But will you ever make it in time,
You will... only IF YOU EVER LOVED ME.

When Love Bleeds

When love left me bleeding, I found the strength to fight, I chose to live.
Because I don't want to whine and weep..
I'm sorry I robbed you of the pleasure of seeing me in pain.

A Reason To Love

Of all the reasons I can think of and that the world puts forward.
I don't have a single reason of not loving you.
My reason of loving you is because it is You.
And that's why I say
I Love You and I'll Love You FOREVER.

You know I Will

I am not afraid to fight for the things I believe in And I believe in You even if you don't believe in me.