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I have never in my life felt like this.
I want to take all her pain away.
I want to hear to every word that she say.

I have never in my life felt like this.
It is with her that I could be the real me.
The one who thinks silly thoughts,
The one who gets into kiddish talks.
I am not afraid what she thinks about me and neither is she.
We truly are strange friends.
She completes me in every sense.

I have never in my life felt like this.
It is deep, It is innocent
How can I tell how I feel when she smiles.
She is the one with I can be just me,
No fronts, no guards, no pretenses, Just me..

Are you real or just my imagination??

The Lost Humanity

When I was a kid, I lived in a town and was termed a human.
But when I grew up I found myself in a jungle.
Am I still at the same place, was what I first thought
Yes was the answer that I got.

So... what has changed from then to now?

The Conqueror Of The War

For you I'll cross every single hurdle,
For you are my destination, my dream.

The Dawn Has To Come After The Dark Night

You used to ask me, where were you till now, why didn't you come before..
I told you I would always come for you. Why didn't you wait for me?
For I am your destination and even death cannot stop me. All it can do is delay it for a while.

The Complexity Of Simplicity

I try to keep it simple, so if complications hit me..
They'll die.

In The Name Of Love

Today tomorrow and forever I am LOVE.
Humans greatest and purest desire...
I was never corrupt nor will I ever be.
If you find something wrong in an emotion,
If you find something wrong in a desire,
It was not me you found,
You found something else.
Don't accept it ever in my name
Don't accept it ever in my name

The Beautiful Imperfections

Had I been perfect I would have lost all those moments  When my friends cheered me for my imperfections. And you know what I love to see their smiling faces.

The Matter Of Everything

It is just a matter of choice always. You decided to erect a barrier. I decided to build a bridge. Even when our tasks are accomplished, Why our objectives are still unfulfilled?

The Shattered Pieces

It was when I thought that love will hold me together,
I was shattered.
It was when I thought that love will take all my pain,
I suffered the most.
It was the day when I wanted you to stay.... stay,
When you left me forever.

And I unbelievably want you to put the shattered pieces together,
May be I have yet to realize that is it not going to be the same ever again.
The shattered pieces are impossible to put together again.

The Day I Disappear

You turned back and I was gone. Did you feel that the place is less crowded now or Did I leave you feeling alone.....