The Lost Humanity

When I was a kid, I lived in a town and was termed a human.
But when I grew up I found myself in a jungle.
Am I still at the same place, was what I first thought
Yes was the answer that I got.

So... what has changed from then to now?


  1. The fact that then you were innocent and now you no more are.....'cause you have grown up.

  2. excellent question. let me know if you find the answer :)

  3. You reminded me of an old post wen I was stuck up with the same question. I intended to discover the change that creeps in the vision of a child of seven to a young girl of nineteen..
    the same tym an year back!
    Huh, tym flies...

  4. This made me feel sad about growing up, for some reasons. Regardless, beautiful words as usual.

  5. Hmmm...a few days back i was trying to find d answer to dis same ques in my poem 'lost is the child'..havent got d answer though.

  6. What has changed? - The fact that from the childhood you are living life only now you became aware of it ......
    Don't question ... Create answers
    Don't be aloof ... Embrace life
    It has looooot to give ... n u will fall in love with this jungle too !!!

  7. An adult is insecure. Hence scared and laws of jungle apply to him.

  8. What has changed?

    Everything and nothing.

    Go figure. :)

  9. There is no answer to that question... :(
    Nice. I like it.

  10. yes sumthin has definitely it my delusion.....probably may b eyes looking at a situation....but interpreted differently "ILLUSION".....d innocence of a kid wud nvr ever see d humanity which is lost (not applied 2 those kids whose childhood has lost due 2 fading humanity).....its just as we grow up outlook changes....n den dis question arises...

    I alwys remember wen thoughts n Q abt humanity cums up...1ce my teacher Q us...wat wud u call Mother Teresa s nature of caring,helpful,loving....many of us gve innovative adj as superhuman,angel,heavenly.....he shouted NO,DIS R HUMAN QUALITY...truly we hve we shud b? n wat we r??


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