The Shattered Pieces

It was when I thought that love will hold me together,
I was shattered.
It was when I thought that love will take all my pain,
I suffered the most.
It was the day when I wanted you to stay.... stay,
When you left me forever.

And I unbelievably want you to put the shattered pieces together,
May be I have yet to realize that is it not going to be the same ever again.
The shattered pieces are impossible to put together again.


  1. "Never same again"
    The ugly truth i know yet deny everyday!!

    One of ur best post.. kp up!!

  2. And the worst of the hurt comes from within,
    The part that believed in you and me
    The trust that was fragile glass,
    Are now pieces that shimmer in your afterglow.

  3. And through shattered glass, my wounds scream,
    If you want to leave, you may,
    I will heal with time for sure,
    But the scars are sure to stay...

    Nice post buddy!! :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. My only happiness became my downfall..

    Could really relate.

  6. i agree with Ramesh Sood sir!

  7. that was heart-wrentching :(
    very sad but beautiful lines as if it has flown out of some soul in pain...
    very good, as usual

    Keep writing and sharing...


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