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An Unforeseen End

Dear Love,
You are the only stranger I thought I knew..
I stopped thinking in terms of 'me'
And thought just in terms of 'we'.

I still remember all the vows...
All the vows that I made to you,
Do you remember... any of yours??

I knew that I.. had to win
I had to win
And I....... did that for you,
I won...
Won.. just to realize that in the end I'm left alone.

The Faith In Things Unseen

Your dreams are your wings
So if you wish to fly
You need to fulfill your dreams
You need to fulfill your dreams.. To fly
To fly... with your own wings.

Honest Confession

I'll not hesitate in telling you that...
I need you
I need you in all the weak moments of mine,
To be there with me
Just to be there with me...
And my only weak moments are the ones when you are not there.

The You Left In Me

There is still so much of you left in me,
And with you gone, I am left empty and lone.
I thought I knew all the corners where I could hide,
This one corner is so dark and I feel so lost.

The day I manage to erase all of You from Me and rewrite anything new,
Everything would still start with an “I”. Coz “I” am still Me even if You are a different “You”.

** The last two lines are not mine, they are Maitraie's

The Words That Remain

There is some pain which is unsaid,
There is a part which is still possessed..
There is a path which is not yet traveled,
There are some words which are still unread..

The question still remains, 'why do I write?'
Because it lets me feel what my heart wants to feel..
Because there is a lie that I want to expose..
And I write because there is an I in I, that I want to keep alive..

@readers- why do you write?

The Victim Of Love - 2

The story:
She was a charming, bubbly girl and was in love with a man. She often used to talk about her perfect life, perfect love and awaited a perfect marriage with her man. She thought all the happiness of the world was in her feet and she could ask for no more. When all the things were going so well suddenly her man started to pull back and get distant. Eventually her man broke up with her, and worst he never gave her a reason.
Shattered, broken... she was left. She found content in the cloud of cigarette smoke that covered her real face, she drank many a times just to get away from this grief.
Then there was He, not the man she loved but her friend He. He looked at her wet eyes one day when she came to the office and then the next and then the next day. He saw this charming girl going silent all of the sudden. He saw her guzzling beers and puffing cigars. He went to her one day, snatched and threw her cigar. At that very moment he noticed a tear roll down her eye and his hands …