The You Left In Me

There is still so much of you left in me,
And with you gone, I am left empty and lone.
I thought I knew all the corners where I could hide,
This one corner is so dark and I feel so lost.

The day I manage to erase all of You from Me and rewrite anything new,
Everything would still start with an “I”. Coz “I” am still Me even if You are a different “You”.

** The last two lines are not mine, they are Maitraie's


  1. as usual few words...but said a lot :)

  2. Hmmm.. But somewhere I don't wanna start with an 'I'.. I want the you in me always.. not the new you.. the you whom I knew.. whom I loved..

  3. I think it is beautiful! I just don't think the eraser works on this ink you have left etched into my heart.

  4. if u have ever been a part of me u will always remain no matter what, some impressions are permanent ...forever...and as long as u r a part of me I'll go on...

  5. absolutely 'wow'! your handful of written lines always leave me totally speechless. :)

  6. You are part of me as I am you ,Time allows the new .
    Where feeling Lost ,you shall never Feel again ,as the new ,covers your heart with theirs ,trusting that is always been part of You ,as old left with a final destinations ,towards allowing the new ,to be seen .


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