The Faith In Things Unseen

Your dreams are your wings
So if you wish to fly
You need to fulfill your dreams
You need to fulfill your dreams.. To fly
To fly... with your own wings.


  1. Love it! To fly and to dream. To dream and to fly.

  2. u r definitely gonna fulfill ur dreams!!!

  3. 'They' see things that exist and gape in amazement, "WHY?"

    But I dream of things that never exiisted till now and exclaim with faith, "WHY NOT?"


  4. hi beyond,
    reminds me of a caterpillar
    munching on some leaves
    i can feel the wings growing on my back
    very inspirational

  5. I totally agree with this...dreams are actually the wings, you just need to have faith in their capability.

  6. Having faith ,that what you trust in completely,allows you to hold capability in feeling wings ,as you can fly back towards the one ,you offer self completely too. As that would be where all your dreams are waiting .


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