An Unforeseen End

Dear Love,
You are the only stranger I thought I knew..
I stopped thinking in terms of 'me'
And thought just in terms of 'we'.

I still remember all the vows...
All the vows that I made to you,
Do you remember... any of yours??

I knew that I.. had to win
I had to win
And I....... did that for you,
I won...
Won.. just to realize that in the end I'm left alone.


  1. :'(.. why does it pain so much when heart breaks.. and why does it pain to only one person!!

  2. isn't love strange!! the most beautiful thing and yet the most painful..

  3. I can't help but remember this happened on our honeymoon. He beat me ruthlessly in a game of chess and he laughed when he saw me crying. So he took my picture and placed it at the front of the photo album, The first of the many thousand times he won and I refuse to play with him anymore.

  4. So true, you're alone at the end of the day even if you're the winner!

  5. Winning and losing in relationships... what's that.. can someone please tell me..I have failed to understand all this life.. anyone?

  6. Thats bitter reality .. often love makes us winners , with victory to be celebrated alone with a bleeding heart ! :)

  7. I'll just say, move on... Choose your happiness and be happy with conviction... for how long are you going to hold on?

  8. Do we have to win for to Lose would be something that would speak to your heart ,though to Win all that ,allows your heart to grow with all beauty in each heartbeat ,seems be more in life than to plain lose in all

  9. maybe all it takes ,one touch ,one sign,one breath to never lose

  10. win or lose in a relationship is something I did not imply, but to win and lose for a relationship is what I said.. and I believe everyone should know that sometimes we need to win and sometimes we really need to lose.

  11. dear love,
    when we meet again
    will you offer your hand
    or greet me like an old friend.

  12. What do you mean?


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